Below are agencies and organizations that own property on and/or work in Arizona's borderlands. Many of these agencies have provided input about the Arizona Border Trash Web site. Please visit their Web sites to learn more about them and to get contact information. This list may not be comprehensive.

When conducting a cleanup on land owned or operated by any of these groups, make sure to contact them to tell them what you would like to do, and get the appropriate property access, or ask to participate in a cleanup they organize. This list does not include private property owner information, and is not comprehensive for all landowners.






The Arizona Border Trash Web site is a tool to inform stakeholders about conducting and documenting border trash cleanups. Data collected through this Web site is for the sole purpose of summarizing cleanup events. Please note that for personal safety, interested volunteers should coordinate with a governmental entity leading a cleanup event. Local law enforcement, first responders or other appropriate entity, along with cleanup organizers, should be contacted directly to report potentially criminal, medical or other urgent situations. This website was designed for use with Internet Explorer 9. If you experience any issues, try using a different browser.