Upon finishing a border trash cleanup, please document it by completing the form located at the link below. Fill out as much information as possible utilizing your completed field form. Blank forms and instruction sheets for field use can be found on the Resources page.

Use the edit option to partially complete a field form and return to it later to complete and submit it.

Note that all required fields marked with an asterisk will need to be filled out prior to saving or submitting.

Instructions for submittal of your data and photos are provided through the link below. Accepted photo formats are .png, .jpg and .gif. Please contact AZBorderTrash@azdeq.gov if you have additional questions about submittal.

Thank you for taking the time to document your border trash cleanup.

The Arizona Border Trash Web site is a tool to inform stakeholders about conducting and documenting border trash cleanups. Data collected through this Web site is for the sole purpose of summarizing cleanup events. Please note that for personal safety, interested volunteers should coordinate with a governmental entity leading a cleanup event. Local law enforcement, first responders or other appropriate entity, along with cleanup organizers, should be contacted directly to report potentially criminal, medical or other urgent situations. This website was designed for use with Internet Explorer 9. If you experience any issues, try using a different browser.